Activities in Reykjavik

Welcome to Reykjavík! This is a city that is both cosmopolitan and quaint with lots of history and new sights to see all-around. Even better, many travel areas in Reykjavík are close including but not limited to galleries, museums, cafés and restaurants. You can explore the city as well easily whether by foot, bike, or car. Click here to visit the official Reykjavík tourism website for more information as well as several other helpful guides below.  

Restaurants in Reykjavík

The city of Reykjavík is filled with wonderful dining options from local favorites to fine dining. Find a variety of restaurants showcasing traditional Icelandic ingredients like lamb and fish to international fusion cuisine along with exciting vegan and vegetarian options. Click here to check out a recommended guide to some of the best restaurants below.

Hidden Places in Reykjavík that Locals Love

Searching for the gems that are off the beaten path in Reykjavík? Whether you’re looking for beautiful sightseeing spots or new hidden finds to try out, take a look at this guide here.


Reykjavík Activities Guide

The city has a slew of wonderful activities around the capital including beautiful concert halls, intricate museums, and gorgeous hikes as the country is filled with beautiful natural sights. Look for some of the best places to explore in Reykjavík here.

Day Trips from Reykjavík

Reykjavík is close to a slew of beautiful natural sights that are fun for those seeking adventure to others that may looking for a relaxing retreat. From the beauty of the Blue Lagoon to gorgeous hikes of the Golden Circle, read about some favorite destinations here.