2017 Keynote - HERMEN HULST


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The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences is pleased to announce the 5th Annual D.I.C.E. Europe event, which will take place this year at the Hotel Cascais Miragem in Portugal. This year’s event will be taking place September 10-12, 2017, where leading European video game executives can take advantage of the premier networking opportunities, listen to key speakers and participate in focused roundtables to tackle some of the industry’s biggest ideas and trends. 

This year’s D.I.C.E. Summit theme kicking off in Portugal and extending to the D.I.C.E. Summit, Las Vegas will explore the idea, Made Better.  Speakers this year will examine the full spectrum of what drives the creative development process within the interactive entertainment community.  What are the measures of success, and how do we design towards them?  How do we evolve and balance innovation risk?  How do we inspire individuals and teams to drive change?  D.I.C.E. Europe speakers will share personal insights and experiences on how they foster creativity and prosperity within the video game industry today and beyond. 

The AIAS is pleased to announce its first round of speakers:

Herman Hulst

Hermen Hulst
Managing Director and Co-Founder
Guerrilla Games.
At Guerrilla, Hulst was responsible for overseeing the Killzone franchise and most recently the very successful new open-world action RPG, Horizon Zero Dawn. At D.I.C.E. Europe, Hulst will be giving the conference keynote speech on his studio’s creative pivot to develop their new IP.

Hendrik Lesser

Hendrik Lesser
Chairman, European Games Developer Federation (EGDF)
CEO and Founder of Remote Control Productions.
Hendrik Lesser is CEO of the international production house remote control productions, which he founded in 2005. Hendrik is also elected President of the European Games Developer Federation. Occasionally, Hendrik is also still active as Executive Producer working on the high-level content of select games, like the global mobile RPG hit Angry Birds Epic or the story-driven Sci-Fi RTS Drone Swarm

The conference will reprise its popular roundtable sessions, where executives have a chance to debate, analyze and generate focused solutions amongst their brightest peers in a private, intimate setting. Attendees will find that they come out of these sessions with ideas and feedback that they are able to implement in their own companies and practices. 

D.I.C.E. is famous for its key networking opportunities, where attendees delve into the day’s most exciting talks and discussions. Included in the price of the conference pass to all attendees is a tour of picturesque Portuguese town of Sintra, cocktail hours and evening parties for a chance to unwind and connect with attendees. Click here to read more about the events. 

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