Paul Gouge

Paul Gouge



Paul Gouge is the CEO and founder of Playdemic which is his third games company. Previously he founded and sold BattleMail (to Mforma 2002) and Rockpool Games (to Eidos/Square Enix 2007). He has also invested in and served on the Board of a number of games companies notably, Ironstone Partners (Game I.P. licensing also acquired by Eidos), Ideas Pad (acquired by Playdemic) and Appaytze (recently acquired by Playtech).

His dirty secret is that he was an investment banker for 3 years post University before escaping to become a games and tech guy. His passion is in starting or investing in games companies where there is a truly disruptive and scalable proposition.

Paul and Ian Livingstone will discuss “Mobile Gaming - Still the Most Disruptive Threat/Opportunity in Games.” As the number of mobile developers continues to multiply, how is the way mobile games are made evolving and what are developers doing to capitalise on the lack of gatekeepers? Is there space for so many indies?