David Polfeldt

David Polfeldt

Managing Director

Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft

David Polfeldt has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts. He started his career as a writer and illustrator of obscure and hopelessly un-commercial comic books. After a few years as a poor artist, David’s childhood interest in designing and making board games with his older brother proved to be an excellent entry point into the games industry. From humble beginnings with web-based games and multimedia projects, David eventually founded a small studio which he operated as a Managing Director until he was recruited by Massive Entertainments founder who needed a guy to “fix everything”. Since joining Massive in 2005, David has been deeply involved in all the projects the studio has released: World In Conflict, Assassin’s Creed Revelations, Far Cry 3 and the newly announced The Division.

At his upcoming D.I.C.E. Europe talk David will be speaking on “Swedish Dev Culture.” After the enormously successful announcement of Tom Clancy’s The Division at E3 this year, David got asked by several journalists why there are so many good Swedish game studios. He decided to explore if there is any truth behind the statement, and if Swedish developers have anything in common.