Lorne Lanning

Lorne Lanning

Co-Founder & President

Oddworld Inhabitants

For nearly three decades Lorne has been focused on the integration of high technology, global awareness, eco-literacy, and interactive myth making in effort to brew a unique blend of odd entertainment he refers to as “semi-conscious Trojan Horse pop”. After co-founding Oddworld Inhabitants with his partner, Sherry McKenna, in 1994; his Oddworld games, based in a universe where the dark side of globalization meets the consumer funny bone, have sold nearly 7 million units and garnered dozens of awards not only from the game industry, but also from the music, television, film, and animation industries - as well as illustration & design annuals. In 2008 Oddworld re-emerged as a self-published independent studio bringing its library of titles across various digitally distributed networks in over 20 languages.  Their latest in-the-making title was showcased by Sony as an iconic representative of their support of the increasingly relevant self-published indie development communities.

Lorne will be speaking on “Properties for the Apocalypse.” Join Lorne Lanning on a journey across the macro intent of his studios design ambitions toward creating “trojan horse media”. How and why Oddworld’s character creations and story lines aimed to target an increasingly disillusioned audience.