Paul Wedgwood

Paul Wedgwood


Splash Damage

Outspoken entrepreneur and video game director Paul Wedgwood is the man behind no less than three of Britain’s game development companies. Paul’s involvement began in 2001 when he founded developer Splash Damage, which has since become one of Britain’s most successful independent studios.

Paul counts amongst his achievements one of the world’s most popular multiplayer shooters (Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory), a US and UK #1 hit (Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars), a worldwide #1 hit (BRINK), an iOS strategy and board game #1 in 90 different countries (RAD Soldiers), and nine-figure revenues for the publishers he’s worked with.  Paul’s companies are currently developing Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer, the free-to-play shooter Extraction published by Nexon America, and several unannounced projects. 

Paul will be speaking on �Creating Happiness, as a Strategy.� Despite five #1 hits, Splash Damage has experienced some shocking internal disasters over the years! As one of the few truly-independent developers still creating blockbuster titles for consoles, PC and mobile, Paul has wondered for 12 years why larger, richer, or more famous development teams have collapsed, yet Splash Damage has survived.