Victor Kislyi

Victor Kislyi

CEO & Founder


Outspoken entrepreneur, passionate video game developer, and the Person of the Year 2012 according to GamesIndustry International, Victor Kislyi is the man behind the blockbuster World of Tanks, the Massive Assault Series, and the highly-anticipated World of Warplanes and World of Warships action MMOs. In 1998 Victor established Wargaming, eventually leading the company from its strategy gaming roots to become a global interactive entertainment conglomerate with over 1,600 employees and 15 offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia. 

As company’s CEO, Victor leads the team, setting design philosophy and strategy and boosting the company with his experience and enthusiasm. Fuelled by World of Tanks’ success and Victor’s marketing vision, Wargaming has achieved high level of consistency and quality, releasing products that combine polished gameplay and exemplary customer services. 

Under Kislyi’s expert care, Wargaming is now working on four MMO titles and building the service- the epicenter of a battle-driven gaming universe that would unite all company’s projects under a single multiplayer ecosystem. Victor will discuss how transforming the way games are perceived and played could change the way they are experienced.

Victor will be speaking on “$ 200B by 2016 – Let’s Do It!” As gaming expands past the confines of the living room, the race to acquire players has become fiercer and more monetarily unpredictable. But, with the risk comes a golden opportunity—to truly lead the revolution of the video game industry towards platform flexibility, choice, quality and accessibility.