Graeme Struthers

Graeme Struthers

Devolver Digital

One sixth of Devolver Digital formed in 2009 based in both Austin Texas and London. Along with Andrew Parsons we are the Europeans who put the Europe in Devolver.

We donít actually have defined roles in Devolver, rather we each cover off all areas of Production, PR, Marketing and tea making duties as required. The central ethos of Devolver is that the creators of the game are at the centre of everything we do and we built out from that point.

Prior to starting up Devolver Digital I worked in various games companies, starting my career with Virgin Interactive in the 90ís, passing through Electronic Arts en-route to meeting Mike Wilson and Harry Miller (founder members of Devolver Digital) at the Gathering of Developers. Since meeting Mike and Harry I have managed to attach myself to all their games projects. The core belief they sold me on from day one was that the developer was the star. Never the publisher.

In my time in games, I have covered roles from Marketing, PR through to Producing and all aspects of production.

When not wrangling games I am most likely to be found playing football (soccer) in the West London Musicians League or researching the best beer in London. Music is a constant presence in my day to day and I am always up for an argument about the existence of the Loch Ness Monster. She exists.