Rich Hilleman

Rich Hilleman




Richard Hilleman joined the videogame business in 1983. Proving he could copy discs and solder cables, he eventually designed and/or produced over 100 videogame titles for Electronic Arts and Amazon Games. In addition, he was a founding member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Currently, he is working with Cleanplay, a startup dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of the videogame industry and beyond.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Games

The growing issue of emissions is worse than most people understand as much of it is produced by the electricity that players use to power their games. The good news is that there are high leverage solutions that not only eliminate the CO2 emissions of the game business but serve as a road map for real change in the gamer’s household. There are a number of actionable items that Platform Holders, Game Makers, and Game Players can do that can make a real impact on the problem. Join David Helgason and Rich Hilleman to discuss their project that is designed to reduce the carbon footprint of the games business and provide a guide to other industries on how to engage players (or customers) in the process.