Darcy Smith

Darcy Smith

Co-Founder/Game Director
Studio Folly


Website: https://folly.studio/

Games Based on IP: Maximizing Goodness and Avoiding Development�Heck

The gaming landscape has undergone significant transformations in recent years, particularly in the realm of games based on intellectual property (IP). Working with IPs have changed a ton since the old days of making licensed movie games for PS2 and Game Boy without access to the scripts, stars, or anything but the title. Costs have soared, and development timelines have expanded, placing immense pressure on developers to bring their creative visions to life. Is there a path for creators to express their ingenuity more freely? And how can gaming companies utilize intellectual properties with large fanbases to create enjoyable and thought-provoking experiences?  

Moderated by Chris Charla (ID@Xbox), the panel will feature Paul Levy (Bad Robot Games), Nika Nour (Genvid Entertainment), and Darcy Smith (Studio Folly) as they delve into these emerging trends within the games based on IP industry. They will explore essential insights for developers and publishers to seize opportunities and discern which pipelines are worth pursuing while leaving others aside. In addition, the panelists will address creative obstacles and provide guidance on navigating the challenging realm of development...heck.


Darcy is a game designer who specialises in games that make you think. As the co-founder and game director of Studio Folly, he is currently working on their wild debut title, Gubbins. Alongside his Folly-related pursuits, Darcy is a games lecturer at the Victorian College of the Arts (VCA) and serves on the board of Freeplay, Australia's longest running games festival.