Christofer Sundberg

Christofer Sundberg

Liquid Swords



A Fireside Chat with Christofer Sundberg

Christofer Sundberg, Founder/CCO of Liquid Swords and former Founder/CCO of Avalanche Studios, chats with Dino Patti, CEO/Founder of coherence and former CEO/Co-Founder of PLAYDEAD, about their journey in the games industry and overall learnings from building teams and games for decades. Their discussions will go deep into discussing the process of building companies, pitching original IP games, working with press and publishers of different sizes and scopes, making a successful exit, and how it feels to start over again. They will also share candid 'in the trenches' stories about their industry experiences.


Christofer Sundberg is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Avalanche Studios (2003), Liquid Swords (2021) and the leading endurance sports brand ARK Sports. During his tenure at Avalanche Studios, Sundberg was the Creative Director behind the Just Cause franchise and under his creative leadership, the studio released Mad Max, Rage 2, the Hunter franchise, and Generation Zero. Sundberg's career spans over three decades and his passion for making, as well as playing, games sparked his urge to return to his first love: game development when he founded Liquid Swords, furthering his mission to change the way AAA+ games are made.