Tyler Long

Tyler Long

Head of Product

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://newzoo.com/

Evaluating Live Service Game Performance Post-Launch

The competition for player retention and monetization is fierce. Post-launch planning is critical for the success of live service titles. In this roundtable session, Tyler Long, Head of Product at Newzoo, will moderate a discussion on how the top live service games boost revenue and player engagement, the learnings that can be applied to any studio, and practical guidance on how to utilize your data to your advantage.


Tyler brings over a decade of experience in the games industry starting his career with The9 in Business Development, he moved on to 2K Games as Producer on the all-time favorite NBA2K series and has co-founded two game development studios. With his extensive experience in the nuances of the games industry, Tyler adds real-world context and application to the unique sets of data and insights Newzoo provide. Trusted clients include Sony, EA, Microsoft, Nintendo, Spotify, Bloomberg, Vodafone, BBC, and many more.