Christina Camilleri

Christina Camilleri

Trust & Safety Lead
Netflix Games

Roundtable Leader


Building a Safer Playground: Navigating Content Moderation Challenges

At Netflix Games, they are designing and building a scalable content moderation program to address harm and abuse within a company that previously did not offer gaming services. 

This roundtable will discuss the challenges of constructing social features and communities by employing safety-by-design to minimise unwanted disruption. Additionally, there will be discussions on the importance of balancing proactive detection vs. reactive measures with technology driven solutions, and how good balance fosters safer and more enjoyable games for all.


Christina leads Trust & Safety at Netflix Games where she's dedicated to creating a fair and safe gaming platform. With her background in security engineering and penetration testing and her passion for immersive video game experiences, Christina works to bring more attention to the importance of building safer player interactions in online gaming.