Jonas Antonsson

Jonas Antonsson

Reality Distortionist / Chief Everything Officer
Raw Fury

Roundtable Leader


Breaking Through And Standing Out in a Crowded Game Market

Digital distribution, easy-to-learn game engines, platform access and now AI. All these factors have led to an ever-increasing number of games released each year. So how do you stand out, break through and become that one voice standing out, in a vast quire of thousands. Especially if you do not have a AAA marketing budget? Could the answer be as simple as looking at nurturing communities and the continued development of games and IPs post release? If so - what is needed? What are the steps to think about? And if not, why not and what to do instead? In any case, the �Fire and Forget� mentality of publishers is fading. It should also fade for developers.


Jonas started as a developer implementing SW systems, but with a deeply rooted passion for games he began to teach courses on Game Design (Experience Design), operating systems and networks while also founding his own first game studio. Already as a teacher at the university he realised how he could positively influence and support the grass roots of the local IT / Creative environment in a Better Together spirit. From several board missions in the gaming industry through a position as VP for mobile, he formed Raw Fury 2015 to create the publisher he wish he had had as an early game developer; that treats people like people and games as art.