Bennie Terry III

Bennie Terry III

Executive Producer and Partner
Oddworld Inhabitants Inc.



Why AI Should Replace Us... And How It Won't

Our pursuit of seemingly endless content has made us dependent on and vulnerable to the rapid rise of generative AI. Creative companies can either fall prey to it or decide to embrace it as an essential tool for more humane and fluid creative and production workflows. In this talk, Oddworld Inhabitants' Partner Bennie Terry III and immersive content expert Kris Severson discuss the current state of generative AI and its impact on the creative industries and ways to harness hand crafted visual mastery with the depth scalability of generative AI.


Bennie is an award-winning Technical Director with extensive expertise in AAA console and mobile gaming. He's held key roles at renowned studios, including Digital Supervisor at Academy Award-winning Rhythm and Hues, Executive Producer and Partner at Oddworld Inhabitants Inc., and Director working with Disney, Marvel, and many others. Bennie excels in architecting advanced real-time rendering pipelines and is considered a subject matter expert in real-time game engines. He collaborates with class leading partners like Nvidia in the realm of graphic and generative AI.