Arne Meyer

Arne Meyer

Head of Culture and Communications
Naughty Dog



The Art of the Sequel - Remedy Entertainment’s 13-Year Journey

Arne Meyer (Naughty Dog) hosts a fireside chat with renowned game creator Sam Lake (Remedy Entertainment) about the 13-year journey to create the upcoming psychological thriller, Alan Wake 2 and the evolution the studio has seen working on one single game at a time to multiple games simultaneously. Alan Wake 2 was developed during Remedy’s biggest transformation in its 28-year history of making video games and developed a number of concepts and designs that eluded the ultimate goal of a true sequel. Concurrently, the studio rapidly grew and changed over the years, trying to always look forward and adapt its internal culture to meet the needs of this expansion. Learn how Remedy evolved with the industry at large and persevered through changes in player expectations and team building as well as keeping its core studio identity intact - takeaways that are important for any industry leader for both up-and-coming and established companies alike.


With over 20 years in the industry, including over 15 years with Naughty Dog, Arne Meyer currently serves as the studio’s Head of Culture and Communications. During his time at the studio, Arne led impactful and successful communications initiatives for some of the studio’s most defining franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us. As part of the Studio Leadership Team, he has been an instrumental force in spearheading long-term cultural impact and wellbeing. Arne continues to lead initiatives focused on helping teams do their best work in a thoughtful and caring environment that puts people-centric structure and processes at the center of the studio’s rapid growth in size and into multiple teams.