Joon Van Hove

Joon Van Hove

Independent Game Designer

Roundtable Leader


Company and Ownership Structures for Developers and Partners

Traditional team and company structures may not always align with the unique needs and aspirations of developers. This roundtable will discuss progressive company and project structures, ownership models (e.g. company shares, profit sharing), and their strengths and weaknesses. This will be discussed from both the perspective of the developers as well as their publishing and other partners. 


Joon is a game designer and developer from Belgium and Reykjavik. He was the lead on the award-winning squirrel surveillance mystery NUTS (2021). He co-created the Advanced game design and development course at Reykjavik University, was on the advisory board member of GDC, and has co-organized indie games festivals in Antwerp, Berlin, Copenhagen, and Reykjavik.