Kim Nordstrom

Kim Nordstrom

Game Industry Advisor, Investor, & Executive

Roundtable Leader


How Will 6 Billion Players Play in 10-15 Years?  

It's estimated that there are 3 BILLION active gamers today. Out of 8 BILLION people alive (all ages), almost 40% of every person alive today plays games. The industry has come a long way in the past decades, as it was estimated to be around 200 MILLION players 20 years ago. Simplified, our industry has grown 15% annually in size of players (which is probably way more than any other industry in the world right now), and let's consider that there might be around 6 billion players in the world in the coming 10-15 years. In these more challenging times, we must remember that the industry has an amazingly bright future. If we look further than just the coming years, into a future where there are 6 BILLION players that probably pay a lot more on average compared to today and spend even more time in games - what type of innovation do we foresee and that we need to create to enable 6 BILLION players to play games? How should we start preparing to double our potential worldwide audience as an industry? What type of innovation should studios already be preparing for today to be able to run the first game with over a billion players in it?


Kim released his first game on Commodore 64 in the early 90's as a teenager and spent every waking moment in the demo scene until he turned 20. His first game studios failed, but he learned a lot and met the best people. He worked at SCEA R&D in California; building PlayStation 4, managed the Pet Rescue Saga game generating more than �500M in revenue with Studio for King, and was Chief Strategy Officer for Paradox Interactive with a market cap of over $2,5B. Today, he shares his learnings with other game companies as an advisor, business coach, and as an investor.