Tara Bruno

Tara Bruno

Founder & President
Tara Bruno PR

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://tarabrunopr.com/

Public Relations: Much More Than a Press Release

With social media giants Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok attracting more and more of young gamers’ time and attention, successful PR professionals need to negotiate social content distribution with traditional outlets and cultivate new relationships with thriving social media influencers. But as video games PR evolves to fully embrace social, the core tenets of great PR still hold: extensive client communication and collaboration; strategic short-term and long-term messaging; respectful and engaging relationships with the media. This roundtable will discuss the tried-and-true best practices for any game release with an emphasis on the tactics that need to evolve to reach today’s gamers and meet their increasingly demanding expectations.


Tara possesses more than 25 years of PR and event planning experience within the video game industry.  In 2007, she resigned her position as Vice President of the HighWater Group PR agency in NYC to pursue opportunities as a freelancer and start building her family. Since then, Tara has been an independent “gun for hire” and has been instrumental in building brands and campaigns for AAA and indie games, technology platforms and gaming hardware.  In 2018, Tara began recruiting a network of PR contractors to engage more clients.  Since then, the team has quadrupled in size.  As new clients are brought on, Tara custom fits specialists to each client’s specific needs.