Matt Bertz

Matt Bertz

Vice President of Games

Roundtable Leader


Games as a Relationship - The Challenges and Expectations for Meeting Player Needs in Live Service Titles

Players have no shortage of live-service games to spend their time with, and the space will only get more crowded in the coming years. How do you attract, retain, and even re-attract players? Together, we’ll examine the challenges facing publishers and developers in maintaining these long-term relationships with players, such as rising player expectations with content pipelines, empowering communities to extend engagement, how toxicity can damage growth, and how to combat the �fear of catching up� lapsed players face when considering a return to a live-service game that has continued to expand in intricacy in their absence.


Matt Bertz is the Vice President of Games at Magid, a renowned research and consulting firm with a specialized vertical in interactive entertainment that provides comprehensive support to game publishers and developers. Matt plays a pivotal role in driving success across a wide variety of projects including market sizing, concept testing, playtesting, and expert evaluations. Before joining Magid, he enjoyed a distinguished career spanning 19 years in games and entertainment media, most recently as Managing Editor at Game Informer, a leading publication in the gaming industry.