Cathy Montes

Cathy Montes

Global Leadership Coach
Cathy Montes LLC

Roundtable Leader


Growing Leaders to Inspire Teams

This roundtable will discuss leadership development. Topics would include how to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge and ability to lead in a variety of situations. Leadership development is designed to help leaders become more self-aware, increase emotional intelligence and providing vision and inspiration to teams. We would discuss the pros and cons of mentoring, coaching, professional development, feedback and the role of competencies in identifying the qualities that make for great leaders in your organization. We would also discuss what leaders want in the area of professional development. We would also cover the topic of ineffective leaders that are not performing and what strategies can be used to help them.


Cathy Montes is a highly experienced Global HR and Talent leader in the video game industry. Recognized for her expertise in growing studios and leaders at Nintendo, CCP Games, Bethesda/ ZeniMax Online and WB Games she formed her own coaching and consulting firm to work with leaders to improve communication, employee engagement, performance and retention in the video game industry.