Cassia Curran

Cassia Curran

Curran Games Agency

Roundtable Leader


The Games Investment Landscape in 2023

Join this exciting roundtable discussion to delve into the dynamic and ever-evolving game investment landscape. What has been the outcome of the record investment and M&A activity we saw in the last few years? What do the current appetites for new investments and tolerance for risk look like across the industry? We'll examine the viability of the latest game investment trends, including AI, XR/VR and Web3, and discuss the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for investors and developers alike in the post-COVID era.


Cassia Curran is the founder of Curran Games Agency, a strategic advisory for game studios and game investment funds. She is known for her roles in operating games funds such as WINGS and the GDC Relief Fund and has a background in business and corporate development at Jagex and NetEase. She is an active angel investor in multiple new game studios.