Maria Sayans

Maria Sayans

ustwo games

Roundtable Leader


Maria has been helping games companies succeed in the digital space, build great brands, launch games and engage players for nearly two decades. She's worked on franchises such as Mass Effect, Mirror's Edge, Battlefield and EVE Online. ustwo games is a BAFTA-winning studio, best known for the Monument Valley series, and a pioneer gaming company in the B-Corp movement. Their most recent 

How Can Developers Make the Most Out of Subscription Services

Game subscription services continue to proliferate as their adoption grows. Join ustwo games CEO, Maria Sayans, in reflecting on lessons learned and implications for developers and publishers going forward. How can developers make the most of the opportunity with a subscription service? How do you define your platform strategy, and what are the IP and franchise strategy implications? Should you adapt your games to be more "subscription friendly", and if so, what are those next steps and what are the risks? What changes would we like to see in this part of the market so the growth in subscriptions contributes to a thriving developer ecosystem?