Chris Charla

Chris Charla

General Manager, Content Programs Team

Roundtable Leader


Chris is the GM of the content programs team at Xbox, which includes the [email protected], Creative Partnerships, and [email protected] programs. 

The Future of the Genre

Historically, video game genres have been influenced both by technology (side-scrollers were popular on 16-machines in large part because those games pushed those machines to the limit) and by business model (the appearance of digital marketplaces ushered in new business models such as F2P and enabled new genres to thrive). This roundtable will explore the following question: in a world where subscriptions are a routine business model, retail is waning, and digital marketplaces are dominant, how do these business and technological changes affect what games people want to play, and what games creators want to make? (Spoiler: I take the optimistic view that modern business models enable more freedom for Creators to make the projects they want, versus fitting into a few established genres and models.)