Enric Cabestany

Enric Cabestany

VP of Mobile Publishing

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://funplus.com/

Enric Cabestany is VP Publishing (Europe and LATAM) at FunPlus, a world-class, independent game developer and publisher headquartered in Switzerland. Having established the Barcelona publishing office in 2019, Enric leads the team there whilst establishing publishing strategies to support and grow FunPlus' business in key markets. Enric has a wealth of international experience in the mobile and gaming space, and is particularly knowledgeable about start-up culture, managing cross-cultural teams and marrying the best strategic interests of a company with the best interests of its employees.

Chicken or Egg? What Comes First – A Great Team or a Great Idea?

How do you keep the spark alive and a project on track in its very early days? Who and what expertise is essential to include at the early stages of any creative venture? This roundtable will discuss with participants shared experiences in navigating the excitement and frustrations behind launching ambitious game development projects and keeping them, and the creative and technical minds behind them, engaged and on track for the long haul.