Chelsea Blasko

Chelsea Blasko

Iron Galaxy Studios



As Iron Galaxy’s Co-CEO, Chelsea Blasko runs the company’s day-to-day operations. She maintains the well-being of its employees and the culture of the studio, overseeing IT, HR, DEI, mentorship programs and more. Chelsea has been instrumental in Iron Galaxy’s growth and high employee retention. Upon coming to Iron Galaxy, she shared her production expertise and quickly took over the entire company’s production department and internal operations. She proactively led its hiring, expansion, and culture development to help shape the studio’s elevation from 13 to more than 250 employees across multiple offices. A Notre Dame graduate, Chelsea found her start in games at Electronic Arts Chicago, and also spent a few years at Robomodo.

Running a Company is Better Together

Chelsea Blasko and Adam Boyes are the Co-CEOs of Iron Galaxy. Together, they are evolving the business and culture of a company that values people and has new games to introduce to the world. Join them for a fireside chat about how two leaders with very different skillsets and backgrounds can come together to share the mission of running a great company where inspiring things happen.