Delphine Sassi

Delphine Sassi

General Manager - New Games



Delphine Sassi is General Manager, New Games at Popcore and leading the gaming studio development of the mobile game developer in Spain. She is looking to create new gaming experiences for all audiences to enjoy, contributing to Popcore’s vision of adding fun at people’s fingertips.

Delphine has over 14 years of experience in the gaming industry, mainly casual games, starting as an art director and then shifting to production roles before becoming Head of Experimentation of Candy Crush Saga at King.

She loves connecting people - Professionals, in order to build highly effective teams where people learn every day, have fun together and ultimately delight the players with bite-sized moments of entertainment - Players, creating meaningful interactions with others, either by collaborating or competing.

Building Games Differently by Cultivating Diverse Teams

The gaming industry continues to see major shifts in prioritizing DEI and gender equity worldwide from AAA to mobile game studios. Delphine Sassi will reflect on her experiences in leading best-of-class and diverse teams, utilizing collaborative, open, and positive styles of leadership. She will share candid discussions and insights into building a new studio differently in Barcelona including the successes and challenges of developing talent to be the best they can be as well as how that both compares and differs with a larger, more established studio structure.