Matt Karch

Matt Karch

CEO and Co-Founder
Saber Interactive

Roundtable Leader


Since 2001, Matt Karch has served as Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Saber Interactive, a game development company with studios in multiple locations across the globe and known for its hit titles like World War Z, NBA Playgrounds and Evil Dead: The Game. Matt has extensive experience in game design and development, business and legal affairs and is fluent in Russian. In 2020 Saber was acquired by Embracer Group, and Matt is now part of Embracerís Board of Directors.

After the Acquisition: Successfully Integrating Different Studios Together
What happens to studios after being acquired, and what happens once companies and employees are brought into the fold. In this roundtable, Matt Karch, CEO of Saber, shares his unique perspective on the topic, having experienced it on both sides, and moderates a conversation around an increasingly recurring situation in the industry. This includes discussing onboarding teams, integrating, or enhancing existing studio processes, and finding the best ways to work toward overall goals while allowing teams and individuals to maintain their creative and professional freedoms