Jen MacLean

Jen MacLean

Amazon Game Tech
Head, Worldwide Business Development, Mid-Market and Long Tail



Using Next Level Tech to Ethically Empower Creative Teams of All Sizes 

We have more technology resources than ever before in game dev, with new tech-enabled creative superpowers making themselves evident every day.  Even the smallest creative teams can create player experiences that profoundly impact our audience.  And yet, with great power comes great responsibility.  How can we as a community take advantage of technologies like machine learning while also making sure that we’re creating in a way that keeps our players, their needs, and our responsibilities to them at the front of our minds and our games?


Jen MacLean leads worldwide business development for small and mid-sized game studios for Amazon Game Tech, where she helps game developers around the world build better games and more successful companies.  A lifelong gamer, Jen has held various senior roles in game development over her career, most recently leading the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and IGDA Foundation.  Jen earned an MBA from the Columbia Business School and a BA from the Johns Hopkins University.