James Dobrowski

James Dobrowski

CCP Games
VP, Product Development

Roundtable Leader

Website: https://www.ccpgames.com/

Virtual Worlds: More Meaningful Than Real Life.

The boundaries between our real social world and the virtual world of games are disappearing. Digital currencies, cross-play between platforms - allowing access to your chosen game universe anytime, anywhere - and an increasing movement of real-world social mechanics onto the web are quickly becoming the norm. The boundaries between the real and the virtual when it comes to social interactions have become increasingly fuzzy, and modern technology is increasing the scale at which these interactions can occur. At CCP, our mission is to ďMake Virtual Worlds More Meaningful Than Real LifeĒ, and the boundaries and cross-over between the real and the virtual is a topic very close to our heart. Letís discuss what this could mean for the future of gaming, itís implications across both our real and virtual worlds, as well as the creative and technical challenges we face in realizing our dreams for the future.