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Mike Bithell


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Website: https://twitter.com/mikeBithell

Mike Bithell is a British game director, best known for his breakout indie hit, Thomas Was Alone. A story-driven platform puzzle game, Thomas Was Alone won a BAFTA for its star, Danny Wallace. Next, Mike released Volume, a commercially and critically successful action stealth game. Subsurface Circular and Quarantine Circular followed, homages to old school text adventures. Mike just announced his next game, John Wick Hex, a videogame installment in the popular action franchise.

The Impossible Task: How we're turning the world of John Wick into a videogame

A few months ago, gamers were surprised to hear that the John Wick franchise would be coming to PC and console via a team known for narrative focused indie games. This decision, and the unique collaboration that followed, has led to a game that brings a number of new mechanics to bear, and breaks a bunch of genre expectations to better capture the iconic combat of the movies. This talk will focus on how the hell any of that happened.