Jurgen Post

Jurgen Post

President, International Partnerships (Europe)


Website: https://www.tencent.com/en-us/


Jurgen Post currently serves as President, International Partnerships (EMEA) at multinational conglomerate Tencent. Since he began in July 2017 Post has been building the Tencent EMEA games business. His purvey is in publishing, M&A and post-investments in EMEA

Post has served multiple positions across all levels in the gaming industry but specializes in the growth of brands and businesses from inception and launch to large size, profitable properties.  Most recently Post served as President/COO at Sega EMEA for over a decade where he was responsible for publishing and managing Western development studios.  In his roles he has been both an operator and a strategist, having worked on some of the world’s most iconic brands such as Sony Pictures, Sony PlayStation and Sony Music.

A Fireside Chat with Tencent

Join Min Kim in his conversation with Jurgen Post, President of International Partnerships (Europe) at Tencent as they discuss the different ways to work with this global game company. Post will provide insight into various initiatives and opportunities to forge a lasting, beneficial partnership with Tencent.