Mary DeMarle

Mary DeMarle

Executive Narrative Director


Digging Deep: Inspiring and Sustaining Collaborative Innovation during Long-term Creative Projects

Designing, writing, and creating narratively-driven, Triple A video games like those in the Deus Ex franchise is an experience comparable to running a marathon with a team: the group efforts must be managed through time… and time can mean several years. So from start to finish, how do you keep people motivated? How do you challenge yourself and others to do more, to push ideas and innovation even further, as exhaustion sets in? Mary DeMarle, Eidos Montreal’s Executive Narrative Director, takes to the D.I.C.E. stage to share personal insights and takeaways from 10 years of writing Deus Ex.


Mary DeMarle is an award-winning Narrative Designer/Writer in the Games Industry with a solid record of accomplishments in creating such best-selling games as DEUS EX: MANKIND DIVIDED, DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION, MYST:IV REVELATION, MYST III: EXILE and HOMEWORLD 2. Uniquely qualified with proven technical and creative skills, she is a multifaceted and flexible writer who works successfully in a variety of genres. As a Narrative Designer, she effectively collaborates with game and level designers, programmers, artists, sound engineers, voice actors, and composers to design and produce innovative, compelling, and immersive story-driven games. 

Mary also possesses a background in the Motion Picture industry working with Hollywood scriptwriters, and in publicity and marketing as a freelance writer. 

Mary actually works at Eidos-Montréal on an unannounced project.